City Office Location
2502 Hermitage Way, Ste C
Louisville, KY 40242

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 22698
Louisville, KY 40252

City Email

City Office Phone

Payment Address
PO Box 22698
Louisville, Kentucky 40252

City Office Hours
Wednesdays & Thursdays
9:30AM – 2:00PM

Meeting Drafts Housing Report

Reach Alert

If you have not registered for REACH Alert, PLEASE call the City Office and we will get you registered!

The City Office can notify YOU of:

  • Snow emergencies and hazardous conditions
  • Downed power lines or broken water lines
  • Utility work in the City
  • Crime alerts and unauthorized solicitors
  • Neighborhood events

We entered into a contract for this service, but we will only receive values for our dollars if all of our residents register for this communication services. You choose how you want us to alert you: phone, email or text messages.

Please call the City Office! City Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1:30 - 4:30. Or leave us a voicemail. Or send us an email. We will call you back at our earliest convenience!!